The City That Never Sleeps
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posted : 12.12.09
title : weeeeee
help i need credit. stupid expensive rate. thats what you pay for being in love with a foreigner. not free, you know? last night we had advent visit. no pictures cause i was lazy to bring dinosaur out. later people will start touching and start "aww"-ing. hate it. shoot me. im just wasting time till 12pm, then ill head over to Jason's place. we have advent visit at his place tonight. buzz buzz.

posted : 3.12.09
title : people saying hu haa hu haa haa xD
im reinventing a new webbie :) but not sure where. wahhh. any ideas drop in my fb, aight? but i guess i might might MIGHT stick to this blogger (as in... my current one, just with new pics, new skin and whole lot more exciting stuff lol) cause most people now are using tumblr, and i dont know how to use tumblr at all. lol. and so is twitter. eventhough i have one, i dont know how to use it. lol. i know... noob ^^

cheers; teri

posted : 30.11.09
title : SORRY!
OMG! i havent been updating ==
GAWD i feel SOH BAD! =.=
will update soon, and with lotsa pics, and nicer background.
just .. err .. not today .. maybe tomorrow :)

and this time ...

*ugh hate having a dead blog *

posted : 23.10.09
title : lol.3rdATTEMPT!
today i didnt go to class, cause we went to M.O.S (practically this morning la) for Shah's birthday. we had a rocking time, but my legs hurt like crazy after dancing on the dance floor wearing 4 inches heels. CAN YOU IMAGINE????! lol. anyways, i came back home at 5am, and slept till afternoon. and i found out that my male hamster ran away AGAIN! == i mean, he's out of his box. i was like 'WTHHHH????!' we let the female out too, for the fact that we want her to find her 'mate', but to no avail, she was finding a new nest. :/ did i mention that it was its 3RD ATTEMPT trying to escape? like ZOMG! after that, we heard biting noises and we found out that he was at my food supplies box, nibbling on milo. == LOL. naisssssss hamster. it made a great mess too cause it dug a hole out of Nadine's botelled box. :P

posted : 21.10.09
title : atiringday.mahgoshh!
helloh :) today was such a shitty day, seriously. at first my hamster got LOST! well, missing actually, so i looked completely everywhere for it, but i guess i didnt look hard enough, thats why i didnt find it in the first place. ugh. and when i got to class at 9.30am, Afwa called me to tell me that Nadine left her keys in the room so i have to literally RUN to the hostel, and was huffing and puffing myself out. but to God's blessings, the moment i went back to class, Nadine found the little rutted hamster underneath her study table. LOL. i was soooo relieved. OH and you know one more shitty thing? the shading assignment i did last night was TERRIBLE. Luqman didnt ask me to redo it, but when i ask "should i redo it?" and he said "if you want to get an A, you should. that is IF you have time" i was like OMFG! ugh. should i? or shouldnt i? hmmm.. but it must be handed up NEXT WEEK == oh lord, help me -.-'

posted :
title : yayyayyayyayyay :D
im finally done with both of my life drawing assignments - that is two-point perspective (of the library) and one point perspective (shading). i love the shading one, as it turned out quite... good i guess. pictures will be up up up :D

posted : 20.10.09
title : mememememe xD sot
i wanna get rid of the STUPID FREAKING VIRUSSSSSSSSSSS! ugh. spoil my mood only ==

posted :
title : mylovelyladayy!
helloh there :) the skin im using now is just a tryout. wanted to get a screenshot and change it to a better one, but noh... (Teri's too lazy) LOL. hey, i wanna sleep dude! will continue it tomorrow. :) or maybe the next day if its possible. see ya loves. xoxo

posted : 15.10.09
title : waddap??
today im gonna start on my new blogskin :) so dont you guys dare to stop me. xD that that and also download new songs and softwares. :D wish me luck, so i can "show it off" later *aisehhhh*

posted :
title : ommyeffinggawd!
just got my *ehem* period just now. gawd, it was torture. sakit2 kepala, pening2 again. until John have to *hold my hand* ughhhhh! how disgusting. but he was doing it with a good intention so i can excuse him for this time. :) i really felt like dying, but after i ate Afwa's med, i get all healthy again. matang2 medicine yg belum dibuka lae tue. xD so yeah. i wanna go back home and get my D90! mum's buying me one with me together with her when i go back next month. yes yes yes yes yes! finally, there would be fantastic looking pictures on my blog and also in my facebook. nguahahaha! marila SS! :P